Are you afraid of the dark?

Welcome to Compound 49. You have no idea how you got here, where you are, or why you were chosen. There is only the Compound, its lights, and the infinite darkness beyond. Should the Compound’s lights go out, surely all will be lost.

Explore a world drowned in total darkness. Harvest supplies, craft tools and weapons, and venture out into the unknown to solve the mystery of this place, and why you woke up in it. Face horrifying monsters and manifestations of your worst fears. And above all, don’t let the lights go out.

Immerse yourself in the world of the Compound

Compound 49 is more than just a game–it's an immersive sensory experience. Play in the dark, keep your voices low, and face your fears–or die alone.

Lights Out

Turn out the lights, you won’t need them. Compound 49 includes a number of real light components that will illuminate the game board while you play in otherwise total darkness. You can only see the lights of the Compound, what you illuminate with your personal flashlight, or what the rare streetlights you encounter in the world uncover. There is never enough time to look at everything–you will need to trust your friends to survive the endless dark.

Keep Quiet

Don’t make too much noise, there are ears everywhere. The creatures outside the Compound navigate by sound, and you will need to keep your voices low if you don’t want to attract unwanted attention. Anything you say around the table while out in the unknown increases your noise and can cause enemies to find you. The game’s complete soundtrack, playing from speakers built into the Compound lights, will keep you company whenever you need to keep silent to stay alive.

Face Your Fears

Each character in Compound 49 has a unique profile and ability, as well as a debilitating fear. The Compound and darkness are scary enough, but when each character’s fears begin to manifest in the world around them, you will know the true meaning of terror.

Bring Your Friends, or Die Alone

Compound 49 fully supports cooperative, solo, and competitive play, either in a structured, multi-chapter narrative or an open-world exploration experience. Play a single 2-3 hour session or up to a 100-hour campaign, alone or with up to 5 other friends.

Are you ready to face the dark?

Play in the Dark

Four Gameplay Modes

Multi-Session Stories

Custom Fears & Character Minis

Innovative Set & Map Design

Diverse Endings & Choices